Tutwiler Prison for Women


Offender Mail

  Offender Name
  Offender Number
  Tutwiler Prison for Women
  Housing unit within facility and Bed assignment
  8966 US Hwy 231 N
  Wetumpka, AL 36092

Offenders with legal name change

Mail addressed to the offender should use the format above, except that the offender COMMITTED NAME should appear on the first line, and then add a line after the Offender Number, and that line should contain their new legal name.

Offender Money

Those sending money must be listed on the offender's approved funds list before sending money.

By Mail


  • Cashier Check
  • Personal Money Order

  • Please complete all blanks on the money order.

  • Please make sure that the senders name, address, city, state, and zip appear on the money order.

  • Please make sure Offender Name, and Offender Number appear on the money order.

Delivery address for deposits

Please send your money order to the address above.

You may wish to send the money order in an envelope all by itself with nothing else, and write on the envelope that a deposit is inside.

External Links

Alabama Department of Corrections [1]

Offender Mail: http://www.doc.state.al.us/docs/AdminRegs/AR448.pdf
Offender Money: http://www.doc.state.al.us/docs/AdminRegs/AR448.pdf
Offender Locator: http://www.doc.state.al.us/inmatesearch.asp
Victim Services:
Offender Telephone: http://www.doc.state.al.us/docs/AdminRegs/AR431.pdf
Parole / Former Offender Information: http://www.doc.state.al.us/reentryresources.asp

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