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Jail Facility Note

This is a jail facility. In addition to other types of criminals and felons, A jail houses those who have not had the benefit of a trial to address the charges filed against them. In the United States, one has the opportunity to be tried for the charges against them, and is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Once proven guilty, the offender is sentenced. A sentence may include anything ranging from a fine, a jail sentence, or a sentence to a state or federal prison.

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Sending Mail


NOTICE: The Maricopa County Jail System only accepts METERED POST CARDS for inmate correspondence! The postcards must be standard sized, as defined by the postal service.

The postcards MUST BE METERED they CANNOT HAVE A STAMP ON THEM. You will probably need to go to the post office to get the proper post card or contact the jail for more information.

The postcard must be written in blue or blank ink only. No other colors accepted.

Homemade Postcards are not accepted.

Inmates cannot receive letters.

Photographs up to 4X6 may be mailed, but the envelope must be clearly marked photographs, and the envelope may contain only five photographs. Further, the inmates name and booking number must be written on each photograph.

Legal Mail contained in envelopes is accepted. Subscribed publications are accepted, so long as they originate from the publisher.

There is a discrepancy in the mail policy. Two documents indicate that stamps on postcards are forbidden, however another document indicates stamps are OK. You may want to contact the jail if this issue is of importance to you.

Mailing Address

  Inmate Name
  Inmate Booking Number
  2939 W Durango St
  Phoenix AZ 85009

Inmate Money

By Mail



  • US Postal Money Order
  • Verifiable Cashier's Check (Official Check)
  • Verifiable Western Union Money Order
  • Government Agency Check
  • Private Jail / Prison Check

X Cash
X "Wet" Money
X "Soiled" Money
X "Altered" Money
X Payments in non-us funds

Apparently money orders that are issued by anyone except the United States Postal Service or Western Union are not accepted.

You must write the following directly on the payment.

  • Inmate Name
  • Inmate Booking Number
  • Jail Facility Location where inmate is housed


  • The Inmate

You must clearly write the following on the envelope:

  • Inmate Name
  • Booking Number
  • Complete Return Name
  • Complete Return Address

Delivery Address for mailed deposits

Please mail completed deposits to the jail at the address above.

In Person



  • Cash
  • US Postal Money Order
  • Verifiable Cashiers Check (Official Check)
  • Verifiable Western Union Money Order

X Bills larger than a $50.

You should probably completely prepare the payment and its containing envelope exactly as you would if you mail it in. (directions are above).

Please have exact payment amount. The jail facility will not make change.

The person making the payment must have "proper and current identification".

Payment Locations

Payments may be delivered to the jail Facility visitation area, to the visitation officer, during regular visiting hours.

TouchPay Kiosk System

The MCSO Website has an advertisement for the TouchPay Kiosk system, however clicking on the ad simply goes to a page listing all ads on the website.

No additional information on the system or its operation is provided, but based on other jails, it is probably an automated machine similar to a grocery self check out where you may deposit money. It is probably located in the jail visitation area, and you will probably need the inmates booking number.

This is an educated guess only.

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